The Advanced Vocabulary and Idioms program is designed to help non-native speakers of English increase the quantity and quality of vocabulary from a variety of contexts at an advanced level.




The program is conducted a total of 18 to 22.5 hours per week.

Prerequisites: Advanced General English-GE700 passing grade or satisfactory score on the placement test.

** Check the academic calendar to see when this course will be available.

Lexical expansion will be offered through systematic and imaginative strategies.

Students will learn techniques for understanding vocabulary from context, collocations, and words with multiple meanings.

Much emphasis will be placed on idiomatic expressions that reflect contemporary North American usage.

The presentation of the vocabulary will be done in realistic contexts in order to allow students to perceive nuances between idioms.

Students will be encouraged to apply the lexicon to their own lives, making vocabulary and idioms more relevant and useful.


“Studying at GT Educational Center helped me to significantly improve my English language skills. Teachers know exactly how to find the right approach to my style of learning. I also like to participate in the school’s activities - I have made many friends from all around the world.”

Liliana Manjarres, Colombia