• The Advanced Skills Program

    The Advanced Skills Program is dedicated to expand and sharpen each specific skill. The courses are intended for advanced students who need to improve one or more individual skill, or master all skills in depth. There are four 8 to 10 week courses, each focusing on one specific skill. Classes meet 18 to 22.5 hours per week.



Prerequisites: Advanced GE700 passing grade or satisfactory score on the placement test.

Check the academic calendar to see when these courses will be available.

This course will focus on increasing advanced ESL students’ listening and note taking strategies.

During the course students will work with a variety of authentic academic and general interest audio materials and improve their listening comprehension, critical thinking and analytical skills.

Course activities support the expansion of advanced vocabulary and the ability to listen to lengthy recordings.

Students will strengthen skills necessary to succeed both in college and outside classroom settings.

This course is designed to enhance ESL students’ advanced proficiency in writing, editing and research skills.

Students will learn how to compose extensive, well-developed essays, academic and research papers and other writing assignments in various rhetorical patterns.

During the program students will review punctuation rules, perfect their spelling, develop editing and critical thinking skills, review advanced grammatical structures and expand their vocabulary to help them produce clear and creative compositions at a near-native level.

Student will be able to implement the attained skills in academic and professional and personal situations.

This course will improve advanced ESL students’ verbal communication and presentation skills and provide them with extensive speaking practice.

Students will be able to produce creative, detailed oral presentations and take part in debates.

Through the expansion of academic vocabulary, grammar review and controlled pronunciation and intonation exercises, students will be able to make informed, clear statements on various topics and participate in a variety of communicative situations.

This course will focus on enhancing advanced ESL students’ critical thinking, comprehension and analysis skills while working with authentic academic reading materials.

Students will improve their reading strategies, academic skills and expand their vocabulary by working with a variety of literary genres.

The course will equip students with strategies necessary for extensive and accelerated reading.

The acquired skills will help students succeed in collegiate settings as well as improve their reading skills for practical situations.