GT Education Center is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

    International students make up the majority, if not the entirety of our student body at any time throughout the year.

    All international students must meet GT's admission requirements.

    Students coming to the United States for the primary purpose of study should enter the country on an F-1 student visa. In order to apply for an F-1 student visa you must be issued an I-20 Form (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status) by an approved school: GT Educational Center. Once we process your application and grant you acceptance to the program of your choice, we will send you all the necessary documentation to apply for a student visa at your local US embassy or consulate. You will then need to schedule an interview and then wait for the US Embassy or Consulate in your country to issue an F-1 student visa to you. We recommend you begin the application process as soon as possible as embassy wait times can be long.




To obtain an I-20 Form you will need to present us with the following:

  • Fill out an Application form
  • Provide an academic proof such as diploma or most recent transcript from an institution where the applicants are currently attending or attended
  • Provide a copy of your current passport
  • Provide evidence of financial stability in the form of a personal bank statement or a letter of support or affidavit of support accompanied by a bank statement from your parents or sponsoring organization guaranteeing financial support during your studies in the United States. This form of financial support should cover all of your expenses, including tuition, housing and any related fees for the duration of your studies at GT Educational Center.
  • Pay the application fee ($150)
  • Take a Placement Test, administered by the school (this is available on site, for in-country applicants, or via a private online link to students applying from abroad)
  • Send all of the above documents by e-mail, fax, or post.


After the receipt and approval of the above documents you will receive an acceptance package with the following documents:

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Pre-Arrival Guide-explaining your next step and what to expect.
  • I-20 Form (Eligibility for non-immigrant student (F-1) status)
  • Student Handbook-the handbook is a reference for all students. It has information on almost everything you need to know about GT Education Center and our policies, as well as other helpful hints for students
  • Receipt of payment (I-901/SEVIS Fee)
  • Course Catalog


"GT Educational Center has provided me with the opportunity to broaden my horizons. The teachers and fellow faculty have really helped me to achieve goals I didn't believe were attainable. I would recommend GT Educational Center to anyone who wants to learn or master English. "

Agnieszka Dabrowska, Poland

“Studying at GT Educational Center helped me to significantly improve my English language skills. Teachers know exactly how to find the right approach to my style of learning. I also like to participate in the school’s activities - I have made many friends from all around the world.”

Liliana Manjarres, Colombia