Welcome to GT Educational Center! Thank you for choosing to learn English with us.

    You have already been accepted, taken your placement test, and are waiting to start your classes. What do you do now?

    1. Read your Pre-Arrival Guide (for students coming from abroad) or your Student Handbook for transferring and all other students.

    2. Come to the mandatory Initial Orientation. You will be informed about initial orientation dates and times by email. This usually happens a few days before classes start. This is mandatory for all students, including transferring, just arrived from abroad, those who have just changed their status, and resident students.

    What is Initial Orientation?

    Initial Orientation is a time when we tell you all kinds of things about the school and what you can expect to experience with us, including information about grading, school policies, and fun things like events and activities.

    You will also have the opportunity to meet other new students and take your school ID picture.

    Contact us with questions: info@gt.edu or call 847.568.1560