This program is designed for English language students who plan to enter an American college or university at the undergraduate or graduate level.

    The program is conducted a total of 18 to 22.5 hours per week.

    Prerequisites: Advanced General English-GE700 passing grade or satisfactory score on the placement test.

    ** Check the academic calendar to see when this course will be available.

    Students will develop academic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as enhance field-specific vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

    In class, students will explore authentic reading and listening materials derived from university textbooks and lectures.

    They will learn to synthesize and analyze information from various sources, and then apply the acquired knowledge, skills and strategies to produce essays in various genres practiced in colleges and universities, such as an analytical essay or a summary.

    The program will equip students with academic strategies, including note taking, using a thesaurus, paraphrasing, multiple draft writing and timed writing, in order to assure students’ success in an academic environment.